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We introduce ourselves as the Bench-Bar experts with total devotion only to law. Maansarovar Law Centre is an exclusive, state of the art educational institution for various law entrance exams across the country. Built on the cornerstones of excellence, quality, professionalism and integrity, we have been producing the best lawyers in India. This has been possible because of our extraordinary faculty, extensive research of pattern of various exams and serious analysis of study pattern of regular toppers.

Law or legal profession is one of the most coveted vocation in India today given the power and respect attached and also the security of career it gives right after 10+2, just like medicine and engineering. The image of a lawyer has undergone one of the sharpest face-lifts ever. The version of a modern lawyer is one of a well respected, well groomed and well paid professional, whose identity is not circumscribed by the court-room alone, but extends to the corridors of corporate power houses and international organisations.Our aim is to help the students enter the Bar and finally the Bench.

Our program designed by a team of experts aims at helping students develop a legally logical mind and clear prestigious law exams. We make them believe that clearing the exam is very much possible and the unnecessary hype around the exam should not deter their efforts. What is required is persistent effort and a sincere goal oriented approach. This is done under the guidance of our Law Director, Miss Sonal Gupta who has been a regular topper in LL.B. and 1st ranker in LL.M. entrance. Being the topper herself, she makes the students understand that top rank is not about 15-20 hours of study everyday, rather it is about smart, strategic study. Her highly successful mentorship coupled with our student-friendly program has made dreams of many law aspirants possible.

In 2015-16, Maansarovar had the honour of teaching around 1000 students for various law exams and we touched the new heights with around 95% students being selected in various law colleges across the country!

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Education encompasses both the teaching and learning of knowledge, proper conduct, and technical competency.

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Mr. Anil Kumar Gupta

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Mr. Anil Kumar Gupta

Mr. Anil Kumar Gupta

Maansarovar Law Centre

“It is true that legal profession is not only about knowledge of the law and oratory skills but also about ethics, justice and humanity. Institutions are not market places, and education is not a commodity traded on demand and supply”

In the current scenario, the number of deserving students interested in legal education has increased, however there is a dearth of committed institutions to satisfy the demand. Keeping this in demand, a few like minded people came together to form Maansarovar Law Centre. At Maansarovar, we are fully committed to maintaining and expanding our mission to be a world class legal education center with a unique amalgamation of staff, student and faculty. We have decided to play the role of torch bearer to form the new generation of India through our students. We are determined to strive to mould the inherent talent of our youngsters into dexterous legal professionals required for a dynamic society in the making. Our innovative program will erect a platform to nurture talent, to hone skills and mould students to become perceptive professionals. Having developed the concept for true education and intellectual integrity, the Maansarovar Group focuses on providing top-class legal education. Our vision is based on hard work, open communication, a strong emphasis on team work and a high level of responsibility. The working environment is such that students as well as faculty are inspired and supported to attain high standards of education and skill sets and shine in their chosen path. Faculty, with their impressive academic, research and hands on experience will lead the students to achieve ‘Excellence’ and ‘Competence’. This in turn enhances the core strength of students and enables them to realize all round development.


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